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"London's favourite Retro Blitz Granny Rockers"

“You guys rocked it!”

WHEN WE SAY KNEES YOU SAY UP! We’ve got the words, we’ve got a piano, we’ve got knees, let's get 'em up!

London centric musical comedy double Act. Eighty-four year old Nanna and crackpot pianist Cyril Millions take you on a wonky time travelling journey through the space-time continuum with audience participation, high energy singalongs, dance routines, theatricality and improvised nonsense. The Knees Up show takes Music Hall classics and gives them a 21st century dusting down, it puts old time variety back into East End grime and rolls the barrel all the way. You won’t know what’s hit you but you’ll be left wanting more. Underbling & Vow will get you up on your feet with your knees high in the air!


The KNEES UP TENT at Bestival, Camp Bestival, The Secret Garden Party and Festinho. The Hackney Empire, THE BRITS afterparty, The Edinburgh Festival, The Design Museum, THE DOUBLE DECKER KNEES UP Singalong Routemaster Bus Trips around London, Hoxton Hall, Cafe de Paris, Vauxhallville, A Cracking Night Out, Whoopee, Duckie, Bethnal Green Working Men's Club


Scheherazade Blakey, Petunia Pickles, Bob the Flowerpots, Lily Anna Hampton de Millo, Noona Shoeminster, Teddy Catbarrels, Commander Catbush, Molly Spangletiles, Cuthbert Alleyboxes, Little Sally Lightbottom, Roderick Chimneypots, Regina Follyfoot, Leticia Ragglebaggle, Leslie Pennypies, Hattie Ribbons, Big Bad Billy Woof Woofs, Dotty Spanners, Dirty Girtie Handbags, Sir Rollo Sherryblush, Lady Jemima Chipshops, Mr Milton Stilton, Peppery DuVet, Wilhemina Winterwax, Opal Shandybags, Corker Riddleberry, Maxwell Hatbadger, Ruby Cheddarweather, Cecily Bowties, Margarita Gammontraps, Laguna Puddles, Sir Rupert Crime, Alphonzo Brothfire, Isadora Treaclewink, Thumberlina Anklefax, Floella Popcandles, Sylvania Conkerwasp, Dimitri Doomshapes, Jerry Bubblehouse, Robbie Picklewash, Ophelia Beans, Manuelo Winebox, Madamoiselle Tracy Bottle, Dame Sally Crowtoes, Betty Cidersong, Katarina Shoutycat, Lilyanna Wetwipes, Carmella Whiskeypots, Jimmy Lushbrushes, Leo Breadshelf, Heloise Poubelle, Radleigh Ambleforth, Andreas Butterwolf, Belladonna Shinypipes, Dwight Brightonline, Samson Fishpoke, Trudy Claptraps, Salome Plumberries, Alfie Crumbly-Fuzzbelt & Petunia Scramblewine, Regina Malarkey, Solomon Candlewine, Trudy Salmonbadger, Sister Mary Landfill, Miss Tallulah Jubilee, Zadoch Peppersniff, Hot Tabitha Toddie, Mr Romeo Minglematch, Nazim O'Chimneychops, Mrs Bunty Scattercats, Lady Octavia Goodchop-Brisket, Sgt. Jimbo Flowerfield, Athene Pilchard, Mistress Goody Rathbones, Salome Hairburns, Corky Branston, Patricia Brolleysnapper, Deborah Goodsocks, Carmen Biddel-Widdel, Mistress Devondra Cattlehouse, St Vince Lordington, Anastasia Catford Jones, Gobby Gilda Windermere, "Lucky" Reggie Spydermann, Ludovica Polkadot-Jones, Margot Escargot, Mr Penhaligon Freshpair, Belafonte Treaclesocks, Big Rupert Tinselteeth, Mr Alberforth Bloodmonkey, "Gentleman Jenksie" Dogsworth, Commander Shane Otterbother, Andy "The Clanger" Northanger, Meggsie Skulldancer WE THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS

Knees Up Gang Privileges Include: Requesting Songs at future gigs, Requesting Cover Versions and Mash Ups, Using your Bespoke Knees Up name at fancy functions, Having the right to wear only Red, Black & White, Officially getting your knees up.

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